We teach you how to sell your products on major European online marketplaces


In the Marketplace Uni we teach you how to sell your products on European online marketplaces that are relevant for your brand, thus enabling you to generate more sales in an easy way. We provide you with concentrated marketplace expert knowledge that is tailored to your industry and that you can immediately apply for yourself. This allows you to build up marketplace knowledge internally and makes you independent of external consultants. In addition, knowledge building will be much faster and more effective than in the case of learning by doing and trial & error. In doing so you will reach your goal much faster.




Thanks to expert knowledge from your industry.


Be able to identify potential & trends for your brand.


Sales and profitability must go hand in hand.


Easy to understand explanations to help you get started with implementation.



About Valerie Dichtl_Gründerin und Inhaberin der Marketplace Uni


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Hi, my name is Valerie Dichtl.

I am the founder and owner of the Marketplace Uni.


The idea to found the Marketplace Uni arose during my time as a marketplace consultant. As a consultant, I got to know many brands from the industry that I advised on strategic and operational topics in the marketplace business and set up a concept for them. However, every time when I finished a consulting project, I took my knowledge back with me. My clients by then knew their strategy, but usually didn't have the staff and know-how to easily implement the strategy themselves. This was when I asked myself how I could help brands build their strategies and knowledge of online marketplaces themselves indepently of external consultants.


Up until then, I had worked for brands like Bogner and Skiny in online sales, and for the marketplace giant Amazon in fashion procurement. At Amazon I learned from scratch what it means to work for one of the biggest online stores in the world and got important insights into many different brands. 

With Skiny and with many other brands after that, I was co-responsible for building their marketplace business on Amazon, Zalando, About you and Co. I have worked on both sides of the marketplace business - the brand side and the marketplace side, giving me a 360° view on the topic and the ability to understand the challenges and potentials of all parties involved.


In addition, I found out through many conversations that many brands that want to sell their products via marketplaces lack the necessary knowledge, resources and capacities to get started. This was the crucial impulse for me to found the Marketplace Uni.


There is simply much more knowledge to be shared about marketplaces to allow brands to generate additional sales even more easily, and to leverage the potential to be available wherever your customers want to buy your products.

Valerie Dichtl in den Medien

Valerie Dichtl in an interview with ECD Play Digital

Valerie Dichtl in an interview with Movesell GmbH

Valerie Dichtl in an interview with Internet World

You can read the article on the interview here: Marktplatz-Expertin Valerie Dichtl: Was tun, wenn Zalando auf Marktplatz drängt. You can find the original interview in full length here.

Selection of articles with Valerie Dichtl

published: August 2021

Valerie Dichtl in an interview with the software company Price Intelligence about the importance of the marketplace business for brands. Click here to read the article in full length.

published: June 2021

Valerie Dichtl in an interview with the UK fashion magazine Drapers about the power of marketplaces. Read the article in full length here.


Marketplace Strategy 100%
Operational Marketplace Business 98%
Fashion, Shoes, Sports and Accessories 100%
Online Wholesale 90%
Hands-on Training 95%

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I took part in the Marketplace Manager Starter training because I was looking for new challenges and the topic of eCommerce has interested me for a long time. The marketplaces are a good opportunity for me to help build up and optimise a new sales branch in our company. I particularly liked the very pleasant learning environment - both participants and coaches - and the targeted transfer of condensed knowledge on all necessary marketplace topics. Due to the great coaches and the community, coupled with the knowledge imparted, the Marketplace Manager Starter training is relevant for anyone who wants to promote their brand on the corresponding platforms.

Patrick Deppner von Salamander GmbH_Referenz Marketplace Uni
Patrick Deppner
Customer Service / Key Account | Salamander GmbH

I enrolled for the Starter training to make my first steps into the big world of e-commerce a little easier and more understandable. I liked the open and very positive atmosphere in the programme, and that you were always allowed to ask questions freely and work proactively together. The starter training is a great introduction for someone who has not yet had much contact with the topic of the marketplace business and thus has the chance to acquire knowledge in a small circle and to be able to openly ask all their questions without being looked at stupidly.

Nadine Jurok von LIEVD up_Referenz Marketplace Uni
Nadine Jurok
E-Commerce Consultant | LIEVD up

I attended the Marketplace Manager Starter Training to further my personal development in the online sector and to broaden my qualifications on the labour market. During the training, I received great basic knowledge with perfect documents to read up on. The course was practical, very multifaceted and I got to know many different experts as future contacts and to build up a network. I would recommend the training to others because it is directly applicable, knowledge is conveyed in a condensed form and because of the network you get.

Monika Haft von Steiff Retail GmbH_Referenz Marketplace Uni
Monika Haft
Purchasing | Steiff Retail GmbH


Hi, my name is Jan Ollig. I am a trainer at Marketplace Uni.

I originally come from a multi-channel retail background, which is one of the reasons why I am quite familiar with the challenges of brick-and-mortar businesses in e-commerce. Over the years, I specialized in pricing and later worked as a consultant to help retail companies set their prices in an automated and algorithm-driven way.

Being experimental by nature, I discovered the marketplace business for myself a good five years ago. It all started as an Amazon Seller for black men's socks, which quickly became a top seller. After a few years, I started selling books on Amazon, which I wrote as a co-author during a trip around the world. The latter, by the way, was the inspiration for founding my current Amazon Marketing Agency. Nowadays my daily job is to help brands advertise their products (PPC Ads) on Amazon, thus harnessing the power of the marketplace for themselves and increasing their online sales. As a trainer for Marketplace Uni, I would like to pass on the knowledge that I have gained over the years about the marketplace business and look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses in the near future.

Hi, my name is Jessica Haupt and I am a trainer at Marketplace Uni.

I got in touch with the online world during my time as a buyer at Zalando. I'm sure the online retailer Zalando means something to you, doesn't it? I worked there for 3 years as a fashion buyer and it was there where I learned how online platforms work. During Zalando's growth phase, I became witness to what makes the digital market tick and what a brand has to do to be successful online.

After an intense time at Zalando, I, like our founder Valerie, changed sides and went to the Austrian skinwear brand Wolford. The thing that attracted me to the job there was the great opportunity to restructure the brand's marketplace business. The first step was to completely rebuild the company's data structure so that products could be listed faster and with better content on the relevant marketplaces. Once this foundation was laid, an ambitious expansion strategy was developed under my leadership, which resulted in the launch of 8(!) new marketplace channels for Wolford. A great success! All along, my part was the strategic and operational responsibility for all the different steps of the process.

As a trainer for the Marketplace Uni, I aim to share my knowledge with you and your brand in a way that gives you everything you need to make your marketplace business even better. Does this sound interesting to you? If so, I would be pleased to say hello to you in the next Marketplace Manager Advanced Training.


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