Develop your marketplace expertise to boost sales on European online marketplaces

+++ Specifically for fashion, sport and lifestyle brands +++

Let me know when it's starting

[Start April 2021]

Let me know when it's starting

[Start April 2021]



Growth of in-house online sales and increase of profitability

Opportunity to leverage the potential and huge reach of online marketplaces

Scalable business model that can be easily expanded - even in an international context

Regaining of your brand sovereignty and autonomy over where to sell which products



Valerie prepared, organised and carried out a professional half-day workshop and business plan for our company. During the workshop she familiarised our team with the German market for marketplace service providers and outlined our status quo as to where we currently stand and what still needs to be done to get started. Her knowledge and explanations were very helpful. She rounded off this experience with a great follow-up. I can highly recommend Valerie as a partner to work with!

Referenz Brigitte Hardt - Director International Sales, Felina GmbH

Brigitte Hardt

Director International Sales, Felina GmbH

Perfectly prepared and professionally executed. Very clear and comprehensive structure.

Valerie has brought us many new insights and helped us identify and eliminate weaknesses. As a result, we were able to increase our sales significantly after a short amount of time only.

Referenz Timo Meier - Business Development Manager, Müller & Partner Textilgroßhandel GmbH

Timo Meier

Business Development Manager, Müller & Partner Textilgroßhandel GmbH

Valerie is an excellent professional partner, who we approached due to a change and analysis of our current ecommerce and digital set-up and structure.
She immediately comprehended the complex, individual situation and offered hands-on long-term solutions with a step by step guide and approach for the coming seasonal goals. With her help as a digital expert we are much more aware now of the individual challenges and the must-haves in this field, thus being able to adapt the structures accordingly for the high potentials and opportunities in this market.

Referenz Michael D. - General Management International

Michael Dodt

General Management International, Impetus Group


  • develop and implement your personal marketplace strategy,
  • calculate and implement business cases for all relevant European online marketplaces

  • increase your online sales and profitability,

  • set up and manage your platform business operationally,

  • successfully integrate the platform business into your company because you built up the right mindset to do so.


  • you are entirely on your own when it comes to building and expanding your marketplace presence,

  • you face lengthy, error-prone learning by doing,

  • you do not receive personal assistance if you get stuck,

  • you cannot rely on the knowledge of experienced professionals,

  • it takes you much longer to reach your goal which means you are giving away precious turnover.


The Marketplace Manager training is primarily for:

of brands and manufacturers from the fashion, shoes, sports and lifestyle industry.

How can I participate

Request MORE INFO > here

Request MORE INFO > here

Get more information about our program & how to secure a spot.

Go through the application process.

Acceptance of your application & payment of the program fee.

Your spot is secured!

As there will be a selected and exclusive group of max. 10 participants, we use this application process to put together the best possible group. This enables us to discuss all relevant topics in a tailor-made way.


  • In 3 Monaten zum Marketplace Manager
  • 30+ hours online live group webinars on subject content with selected experts
  • Recording of all webinars with permanent access
  • Permanently available learning material
  • Group coaching sessions on the individual topics
  • 2 days live on-site meeting for exchange and mindset training in the greater Munich area
  • Long-term exchange of experience among all graduates of the training
  • Add-on one on one coaching for your individual marketplace strategy

Learning fields of the training



The digitalization experts. Independent consulting for manufacturers and retailers in B2B and B2C.

Experts for your Amazon strategy, content, advertising (PPC, display) and branding with smart analysis & dashboards for Amazon vendors and sellers

Highly specialised law firm advising online shops and internet platforms on all legal issues related to traditional consumer law, data protection law, trademark and antitrust law and payment issues.

Expert for brands that sell fashion, sport and lifestyle products in the largest European online shops

Automated sales tax for e-commerce. Automate all processes in cross-border online trade for your marketplace business in a legally compliant and up-to-date manner: Efficiently manage VAT compliance, financial accounting, Intrastat and much more through one single platform.

The Amazon agency for private label retailers - strategic consulting and account management for existing and new Amazon sellers. Brand owners trust our Amazon expertise.



Das Marketplace Manager Trainingsprogramm befähigt dich dazu, deine Fashion, Sports oder Lifestyle Marke auf den wichtigsten europäischen Online Marktplätzen zu positionieren und ein erfolgreiches Marktplatz Business auf- und auszubauen. Im Training erhältst du Wissen aus erster Hand, das so am Markt nirgends verfügbar ist, denn es gibt derzeit weder Literatur noch sonstige Schulungsformate (z. B. Webinare oder Online Kurse) dazu. Das Trainingsprogramm liefert dir gebündeltes Experten-Wissen durch erfahrene Dozenten und vermeidet so, dass du deine Zeit mit langwierigem Trial and Error verschwendest.

Das Training beginnt im April 2021. Es findet tagsüber unter der Woche statt und richtet sich nach den Bedürfnissen der Teilnehmer-Gruppe. Fordere jetzt MEHR INFOS an, um als erster zu erfahren, wann die Starttermine sind.

Simply register by filling out the registration form with your name and email address and by clicking on the button "MORE INFO".

Das Training dauert 3 Monate. Dadurch wird sichergestellt, dass alles Erlernte in die Umsetzung kommt und das neu erworbene Wissen nachhaltig verankert wird. Als Online Format konzipiert findet das Trainingsprogramm überwiegend in Form von Live-Webinaren statt. Zu Beginn des Trainings haben die Teilnehmer darüber hinaus die Möglichkeit sich persönlich auf einem 1-2-tägigen Willkommensevent im Großraum München kennenzulernen und sich zu vernetzen.

90% of the training takes place online via video conference and about 10% on-site face-to-face. The training consists of weekly learning units and biweekly group coaching sessions, both being online. Those who might miss a live webinar will be given the opportunity to receive a recording of the contents of the training to watch afterwards.

The training takes place in small groups of up to 10 participants, because we want to promote personal exchange among the group members and keep the training exclusive.

Experienced instructors ensure that the learning content is tailored to the individual needs of a group. All instructors are specialised marketplace experts with years of experience in their respective fields.

The training is open to managers and employees from the fashion, sports and lifestyle industry who want to gain strategic and operational knowledge of the marketplace business for their brand(s) in order to unlock new sales opportunities.

The Marketplace Manager Training is the first and only program on the market that is hands-on and provides the most important to-do's and strategies for building a successful marketplace business as a strategic sales pillar. The program is focused on brands and manufacturers in the fashion, lifestyle and sports industry giving participants in these sectors the opportunity to go online on the various marketplaces simultaneously in a scalable and profitable way. In the training we use real examples, which will assist you in developing your own marketplace strategy more easily. This way you will also be faced with a tangible plan for implementation and your operational business. Being closely connected to other marketplace managers you will get the chance to network, similar to an ERFA group.

What you can expect from the Marketplace Manager training:

  • You will find out how to realise further sales potential for your brand/s - also in an international context.
  • You will get the best tools at hand to increase your profitability.
  • You will be able to calculate and compare your marketplace business case.
  • You will learn how to set up your assortment so that you are best positioned for the most popular European online marketplaces.
  • You will be able to strategically select the best partners in order to set up your marketplace business successfully from the very beginning.
  • You will acquire the right mindset to establish and integrate the marketplace business in your company as a new sales channel.

Upon completion of the Marketplace Manager training you will receive a certificate of participation from us confirming that you have successfully completed the training and have extensive marketplace knowledge that qualifies you to work in this field.